CCPA’s First Annual CTE Day Held at Disneyland Park

Last week, students had the chance to participate in our first annual CTE Day at Disneyland. At CCPA we’re focused on helping all students become college and career ready. CCPA’s CTE Day included the class “Leadership the Disney Way” where students learned what it takes to become a leader, and how to find the leader within themselves. Students and alumni were given access to Disneyland’s “Backstage” areas to listen, learn, and participate in activities driving them to understand leadership and how they see their leadership style as either “Adventureland”, “Fantasyland”, “Frontierland”, or “Tomorrowland”. Students learned valuable lessons in promoting leadership and overall enjoyed the class. As one student stated, “what I enjoyed the most was how the members took their time to explain what is leadership in full detail and ways how to improve your communication.”

At CCPA, we partner with many organizations to give students as many resources as possible to help them succeed in every aspect of their life, particularly preparing them for college and career. CCPA’s CTE day will continue to help prepare students to Move Forward and achieve their academic goals and earning their high school diploma.

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