CCPA students graduate from the California Job Challenge Academy

Congratulations to the newest class of graduates from California Job Challenge. CCPA partners with this program to provide students the opportunity to earn their high school diploma while dual-enrolling in Long Beach City College classes.

To continue to help students MOVE FORWARD, all students attended a workshop hosted by Working Wardrobes called The Power of Your Image. Students were able to learn to be more conscious of projecting a positive and professional image through both visual and verbal communication while focusing on the power of first impressions including a winning handshake and appropriate eye contact.  To conclude the workshop, students discussed different clothing styles and how to find what works best for each individual, how to make the most of the clothing each participant has and provide grooming tips for men and women.

All students were then able to choose an outfit from the Working Wardrobes store to prepare for job interviews next steps in life.

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