CCPA Students sitting at their graduation ceremony wearing Academic Regalia

Graduates prove that finishing their diplomas can start a new chapter in life.

For those earning a high school diploma in the CCPA Class of 2021, life may have had its ups and downs, but for graduate, Lexus Lomeli, it was the will to never give up that carried her through. Finding a program to finish a high school diploma is a big boost to young adults ages 18-25.

After losing her father at a very young age, Lomeli says it was her mother that pushed her and her 14 brothers and sisters to be better.

“Losing my dad at a young age still affects me every day,” said Lomeli. “But my momma was the only one we could run to. She wanted us to do better in life and always pushed us. No matter what, she always taught us to show everyone that we can be better than what they may think of us.”

The road to earning a high school diploma was not an easy one, but the young mother of two children says it was “her why” that carried her through.

“My counselor once asked me ‘What is your why?’”, said Lomeli. “And well, I did this for both of my babies. My babies have never stopped me. In fact they have made me push even harder. Even with tears in my eyes, I still did it to let them know that no matter how long it takes, you have to get the job done.”

“I can’t wait to start the next chapter of my life.”

For Lexus Lomeli — and the hundreds and hundreds of other CCPA graduates — the way to finish their diplomas was to simply start by contacting our staff. It’s a life-changing decision.

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