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More career opportunities with opening of the California Job Challenge Academy

Congratulations to California Job Challenge on the Grand Opening of the new CAJC academy. CCPA is grateful to partner with this program to provide students the opportunity to earn their high school diploma while dual-enrolling in Long Beach City College classes.

In association with the CAJC, the CCPA is here to help students MOVE FORWARD and take the next steps to finish their diploma, find a career and succeed in life.

CAJC offers CERTIFIED, career technical training and education in some of the most sought-after careers in the hottest industries. In partnership with Long Beach City College and Libertana, the CAJC Academy provides training and certification that will help lead our scholars to a successful future.

The CAJC Academy is FREE, and provides an accelerated pathway to careers such as: Automotive Technology, Construction Pre-Apprenticeship, Welding Technology, and Certified Nursing Assistants, If prospect-applicants do not currently have a high school diploma, the Academy helps students earn their critical diploma with independent study through the CCPA — another FREE program for young adults.

The CAJC and CCPA provide FREE programs to finish a high school diploma and find a higher-paying career.

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