Photo taken from stage of 2022 CCPA graduation ceremony with students and guests in crowd seats

A special 2022 graduation celebrates high school diplomas for 171 students, ages 18-25

On June 10, with just a tip of the (graduation) cap, the lives of an incredible group of hard-working young adults were changed for the better. Our biggest single graduating class is proof once again — you can finish your high school diploma even if you’re between the ages of 18 and 25.

The newest graduating class of the College and Career Preparatory Academy (CCPA) celebrated perseverance, commitment and unlimited possibilities. With the guidance of Dave Connor, Principal, and John Charlton, Teacher — and hundreds and hundreds of families and friends in attendance — the ceremony highlighted the students and the stories, the sacrifices and the successes.

Three students shared key addresses on behalf of the 2022 graduating class. Robert Gearing Jr., inspired all by stating, “No matter what life throws at you, if you work hard, and constantly make yourself accountable, you will succeed. It doesn’t matter how long it took, as long as we did it!” Robert proved he leads with words and actions by also winning the CCPA Perseverance Award.

Erik Capistran stepped up and shared a touching tribute to his mom, and he also proclaimed, “Life is not about where you are or where you come from; life is about where you want to go and what you do to get there. We are all ready to become the young men and women that we are meant to be.”

And Giovanni Gonzalez took the stage to inspire and enlighten the crowd with a playful and poignant thought from his favorite movie, Spiderman, “Whatever comes our way, whatever battle is raging inside us, we always have a choice. A choice to be the best of ourselves, and it’s the choices that make us what we are, and we can always choose to do what’s right.”

Some other stars of the ceremony were Giovanna Malagon, recipient of the $1,500 Lighting of the Future Scholarship. And Erik Cortez was awarded the CCPA Outstanding Scholar honor.

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