CCPA Student Wins 2023 Every Student Succeeding Award

CCPA student, Amy Ayala, was one of the winners for the Association of California School Administrators (ACSA) 2023 Every Student Succeeding Award for Region 17.  The purpose of this award is to honor students who have succeeded against all odds and beyond expectations. Inspiring stories such as Amy’s ability to succeed and persevere through difficulties and challenges made her deserving of this award. Amy’s teacher, Mrs. Adams admiringly states that she is “motivated and has a huge heart.” While working towards her high school diploma, Amy is also a caregiver, nurturer and foundational support to her family and loved ones.

Working through these challenges has not stopped Amy from achieving her goals. She will continue to have the support from her teacher and school at CCPA. Amy was awarded a certificate at the “Student Superheroes” breakfast celebration at Bowers Museum on March 3rd with her mother and CCPA staff present.

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